Coming Home

In her poem, “The Journey,” Mary Oliver writes so beautifully of the hero’s leaving home; it is only by doing so that she can one day return home again.

I left my creative heart a long time ago – is it time to come home again? Continue reading


Are Things Getting Any Better? Let’s Say Yes.

I’m not sure if I actually heard what I think I just heard on the CBC News on Radio Two just now… it sounded like a group of civil rights activists “booed” at some other group (the identity of which I missed) at a rally commemorating the 40-somethingth anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech… and to top that off, they went off and had a rally of their own.

All of which is to say, if I heard that right, then no one in that civil rights group today was actually LISTENING to the words that Dr. King had to say.  Wasn’t the whole idea – I mean the WHOLE idea – of the civil rights movement to bring us together? Continue reading

What’s it all about?

I woke up yesterday morning and had one thought – that I’ve started this blog with no direction.  How like me.   Have I given any thought to what this blog is “about”?  No, of course not.  Have I brainstormed themes, questions, ideas that I want to explore?  Nope.  Am I just leaping off the edge into the unknown, following a vague senses of instinct, trusting that one step leads to the next?  Uh huh. Continue reading

The First Day

Today’s the first day.  The first day of my new life.  It’s officially started.

Today, I entered an alternative universe, one that I’ve heard about for a while, but had never really seen with my own eyes.  It’s as if the Mists of Avalon lifted and I entered the magical kingdom.  It’s a place called The World of People Who Don’t Have Day Jobs. Continue reading