About Hilary

DSC_0452I’m a native Los Angeleno who learned to love the rain in Vancouver, British Columbia, where I lived from 2007-2017, before returning to the motherland. When I started out in the working world, I tried my hand in a lot of different industries, and had the most fun as a freelance production manager working on music videos and TV commercials. After a while, I decided I wanted my work to align more with my values, so I moved into the world of purpose-driven business.  Along the way, I picked up an MBA at the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley, where I studied ways to use business as a vehicle for positive social and environmental change, and I’ve been working in that world ever since.

These days, I’m focusing on writing, with a special interest in social enterprise and social ventures.  I work with the amazing Lunagals producing G Day, and a few other interesting companies in the “socially responsible business” world.

Now and then, I also enjoy snapping a photo and writing about this and that on my blog.


4 thoughts on “About Hilary

  1. Hilarious Hilary! (And yes I intended the alliteration, though suspect I’m not the first to do that.) How the heck, though, do I subscribe to this? I want to receive it in my Inbox, as I’m sure, left to my own devices, to check in regularly, I’ll, well, procrastinate, moodle, or whatever it is I’ll do that will prevent me from actually reading this. Now, if it were to arrive in my Inbox…another story entirely…I hope.


    PS Um, okay, I just saw the “notify me of new posts via email” box, so I’m clicking that and I’ll hope for the best. That said, since my blog (www.parentalliance.com) is also on WordPress, I know you can add the “Subscribe” button to the right side rail. LMK if you ever do! 🙂

  2. Nu, you think I know anything about how blogs work? Okay, Miss WordPress, tell me how to put subscriptions on my page, please. I could spend two hours trying to figure out, I suppose, but I really would rather go practice yoga. Ta.

  3. Hi Hilary –

    We met at the syd field/michael hauge/linda sieger screenwriting seminar back in August. I lost your email, but found your blog! Just wanted to see how you were doing and how work at VFS is going? Would love to grab a coffee with you sometime if you’re up for it…email me!


  4. Ahahah 😀 Awesome! I was writing a short story about a one eyed queen. and i was doing some preliminary research and i came on your website!!! Soooooo I ll name the character Hillaria 🙂

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