The Spiritual Job Search

Big sigh of relief.  It’s not just me.  I’m not the only crazy person out here looking for her “right work” while not looking at job postings.  In fact, I might not be crazy at all.  I might be… hold onto your hats, folks… I just might be part of the leading edge.  The vanguard, if you will.  (Picked up that word learning about Lenin in History 10 my freshman year at UC Davis.  Also picked up the word “paradigm” that year.  Big year for my vocabulary.) Continue reading


Moodling? Procrastinating? Either way, it’ll get done.

This won’t be a long entry, because I’m procrastinating – I’ve got to get back to my moodling.

I feel so much better about not getting things done since my coach turned me on to Brenda Ueland’s 1938 book, “If You Want to Write.”  Apparently, all of this “sitting around” and feeling like I’m not “creating” is actually a necessary part of the creative process.  The only part that’s not necessary is feeling like I shouldn’t be putting things off. Continue reading

The Times They Are a-Changin’

I started reading the Sunday New York Times seven years ago under protest, when my then-live-in girlfriend unilaterally started “our” subscription. Eventually, I fell in love (with the paper, that is). But all relationships change, and this one is no exception. This past Sunday, I opened my front door and, instead of being greeted by that deliciously thick roll of outstanding writing, I saw the broken toilet that had been removed from my bathroom the previous day but hadn’t yet made its way to the dump.

Thank god, I don’t think in metaphors. Continue reading

Peacefully Busy

I’m busy.  It’s the first time I’ve felt busy in three months. I know it’s been that long, because it was exactly three months ago today that I declared that there would be no busi/ness in my life until August had ended.  I took the summer off, period.  I had an amazing, eye-opening, fun and fanciful season.  And then this week, just like that, September showed up.  And I got all busy. Continue reading