Drive On, Sister, Drive On

This is a piece I wrote for The Writer’s Studio (TWS) Reading Series, part of SFU‘s Continuing Studies Program.  The reading, which is open to students, program alumni, and regular folk like moi – writers across all genres – took place on June 5, 2014 at the Cottage Bistro in Vancouver, BC.

It’s been a goal and desire of mine to become a better storyteller, so I’m pretty happy that I got myself up there and read something!

The TWS Reading Series is one of a number of Vancouver events that give the local  community of writers and storytellers a place to share their work.  I read one of my stories for the first time at one of these events back in November 2010, and have wanted to do it again since…. and now I have.

I hadn’t prepared anything when I signed up a few weeks ago, and worked on the piece – which couldn’t be longer than 10 minutes  – during an unusually busy (and interesting!) period of (paid) work, so this is what came up and out.  Onward and upward!

Thanks to AKB for the stellar camerawork. Those waiters walking by the table weren’t staged, folks! Cinema verite!

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