Another year…

I’ve never been to a Polish wedding, but from what little I know about them, they last for a good long time… sort of like my birthday celebration did this year.  I turned another year older last Thursday – not a birthday that ended in a five or a zero, just another one of those “regular” years that puts me more squarely into the “late” side of this decade than in the “mid”.  Not a particularly special year in terms of numbers, but still a wonderful excuse for celebrating.

On the night of my birthday, AB took me to my favourite spot near Jericho Beach for a picnic dinner.  The day had been overcast but dry, so we took our chances and, lo and behold, as soon as we took our spots on the sand, the skies cleared, the sun broke out, and we were surrounded by grace.  The weather patterns kept changing in front of our eyes across the water.And best of all, my Birthday Heron stopped in for its ritual visit, assuring me silently but confidently that this coming year will be the best yet. (Can you see him there?  He’s almost invisible, but trust me, he was there.)Friday night, MS and TR wined and dined us in the sweetest birthday way, and last night, my neighbour BB offered his home to host a gathering of a few of my friends to celebrate the occasion of the anniversary of my birth. Much fun was had by all, adults and kids (so many kids!) alike, and AB supplied the most decadent cakes on this earth, courtesy of KreationOh. My. God.

And so another year has begun.  I am, as always, overcome with gratitude for all that I have, for the wonderful people in my life, for this life itself and the opportunity to create — and celebrate — what I can while I’m here.


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